Sunday, November 4, 2012

Tim Lincecum-Buster Posey gay fanfiction chapter 41

How about that second World Series win, eh?

If you are just joining us, you should start at the beginning of the story


  1. Wow!! Thank you so much! Starting in June, I checked every day for another chapter, hoping, hoping, hoping and last night it was there! What a wild place Zito's is, and Timmy where was your head to go over alone, not tell Buster or at least take someone with you? I'm not surprised you weakened to Zito's holding you there; he really does love you and not taken well you and Buster together. I'm just hoping Timmy you don't hurt Buster too much by your impulsive visit to Zeets. I think yours and his love is strong enough not to break over this, but you've got to remember he risks a marriage to be with you.

    Have you seen the cover of Sports Illustrated with Buster running with open arms at Romo?

  2. finally! and well, that "hate you" was kinda unexpected. I remember fifth game 2010 WS, Zito and Tim laughing like nobody business in the dugout, 5 minutes later, Tim was all over Buster

    Each chapter intrigues me more.

  3. So happy you updated! I just read through everything again and I'm hoping you make another update soon. I love this story SO much, it's fantastic. Keep writing!!