Friday, June 15, 2012

Tim Lincecum-Buster Posey gay fanfiction chapter 40


  1. Man was that hot, hot, HOT! They were not the only two aroused by the action in The Machine's playroom. Your description made me understand what the attraction of the blindfold and the restraints is about. So Buster used the electric wand like a pro, eh? Has someone been giving him lessons, I wonder? Tim, I understand your friendship and love for Zito.
    Couldn't you at least have told Buster where you're headed? He is risking his marriage for you, and you remember well his jealous reaction back in Chapter 21 and how badly it hurt you. I think you guys are beyond that, but the consideration and communication are vital. Also don't console Zito with sex!

  2. Until this Chapter I never knew Barry Zito wasn't on the postseason or series rosters. I only got to know the Giants in the 2010 postseason and series. Coverage of Giants regular season is pretty thin here in Maine! When I started reading your fic I already had a total crush on Buster, and Tim has won my heart as well. They are so perfect for each other. Zito needs a boyfriend (I was shocked at the marriage). He's lost Dan Haren, Timmy and loneliness is not good. I'll bet Tim was totally undone after Buster's injuries last May; wasn't that the start of his slump? Timmy looks bad and thin this year. I think a few sessions with Buster and that violet wand down in the dungeon might just spark him back to confidence. Timmy needs to eat more; Buster can help there too in more ways than one.

  3. amazing! please finish the story!, when you stop posting for long time I'm afraid.
    I want to see Tim happy, even in the Fic, because lately is not doing very well and is so painful for me to see him like that.
    Thanks for post it.

  4. your fic is 50 times more erotic , 50 times better writing and your characters have more shades than this piece of crap called Fifty Shades of Grey . Just saying.