Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Tim Lincecum-Buster Posey Gay Fan Fiction Chapter 34

Sorry for the long wait. Your comments inspired the author to keep going, though.


  1. Oh, what a tangled web! Tim, it looks like you are falling ever more for Buster, and it sure gladdens my heart to read how he takes away the water glass and replaces it with a soft kiss. Enjoy these tender moments boys, before Barry wrecks it again. Barry is really stuck on you, though, and not just to deny Buster his heartthrob. Tim, have you not learned the rules of two-timing (spoken from bitter experience)? One, do not moan the wrong name in the rush up to orgasm. Second, silence or turn off phones so they won't give away messages or texts from another lover. Third, if things get busy, get a quiet chime doorbell that you can ignore if you are in the middle of something hot. Lovers can even know about each other, like Buster and Barry, as long as you don't rub it in their faces. Tim you are such a babe in the woods, my heart aches and hopes that you and Buster can weather the hurts and pains your love has to endure. At last Buster has learned tenderness with you, let's hope his patience and love for you holds out. I'm sorry this is so disjointed; I need to go back at least ten or more chapters or even to the beginning and reread. Thank you for the wonderful character development! I'm assuming with Buster being a rookie, it's 2010, and I can't wait for the postseason and the Series, celebrations and all.

  2. I wish 2010 season will never end, and Tim and Buster find a way to stay together, maybe because I'm a hopeless romantic.
    I admit that the idea of ​​Tim- Zito isn't to my liking, but at least is a kind justice , I mean, if Buster got a wife, Tim will have Zito??? I dunno, I love the impossibility of Buster leave her for his Timmy.
    You make me cry with Tim's pain...

    Thank you for another wonderful chapter .. more, please

  3. I'm lost in the timeline, but I was remember Tim's debut in the postseason 2010, and his 14 stike outs- 2 hitter game against the Braves, and Buster's declaration: "It was a beautiful slide, wasn't it?" .. God, I can't wait for your story about it ..

  4. Updates to this story are always worth the wait.