Friday, August 26, 2011

Tim Lincecum-Buster Posey Gay Fan Fiction Chapter 33

Lucy, we haven't heard from you in a while. Are you OK?

We haven't been typing much recently because Burning Man is soon. The fanfic author has been making sure we have food to eat, and I have been building spring crap like this platform:


  1. Great videos! I saw the first few last night and I see more there tonight.
    The spring platform cracks me up - I feel like that's me on there some days! Have a great time and good luck at Burning Man.

    Thank you so much for the wonderful chapter with Buster and Tim. I had a hunch Buster would show up after the text from The Machine. And for once, they treat each other with some consideration not just the passion and lust. I'm going to get Buster a bottle of lube, and teach him how to open Tim up a bit before going in with his cock. At last a time alone at Tim's place is going to be theirs - I can easily imagine how much love they have to share and how hot it will be. Keep writing! The make such a great couple - opposites in so many ways, but the same in just now learning to accept themselves. You have a real fan up here in Maine who just loves this story.

    I have the hots for Buster, so I got a Giants T-shirt with #28 Posey on the back. My friends roll their eyes at my wearing it and showing them his pictures on the phone. A few days ago I'm waiting in line for an ice-cream, and the little kid behind me says, "Look Mommy, a Buster Posey T-shirt." I smiled at them and when she asked if I too am from San Francisco, I caught myself from saying how hot Buster is and said, "No, I went to grad school out there and I still root for the Giants." Phew!

  2. Oh,God,dear Joel,
    Woo~First,thank you for the installment!! CLASSIC!!! Yeah,baby,classic!
    (My English seems go back a lot...Anyway,I'll try my best to express my feelings.)
    You know,sometimes I almost truly forget that Tim&Buster are not a couple in real life~
    Cause your fiction is so very very ...ur..."vivid"!
    I don't think it silly that people cry when they are reading some great stories~ And I always laugh,cry,angry,and sigh when I read
    your articles ;)


    P.S. I disappeared for a while due to a drunk-driving asshole! Thank God for that!

    My best^^

  3. Where's more of this! Please have another installment soon!!

  4. Hola, amigo!
    I just find the link for your slash and I've spent the last nights translated into spanish some words that I don't understand. I love baseball and therefore, I love the best pitcher in all MLB: Lincecum. He's amazing, so good, so young, so gorgeous, so reserved, so modest, so, so so, so... He take my breath away. I really love him. Also I love all the band of misfits: Buster "angel-face", Wilson, Romo, Sandoval, Zito, etc.

    I've seen many pics of Buster and Tim where they're touching each other, so I understand why of your fic. I recognize that this idea has been crossed in my mind since last World Series. And sometimes I wish this love be true.

    I think this love history is sad, self-destructive and doomed to die before birth. (deep sigh here). But before this fictional love ends, I think Tim deserves to hear the words: "I love you" in better circumstances. Buster has been a little wild until now, I think besides the obvious passion between them, (who can blame Buster?) Tim also need some tenderness, something more cheesy, for your female readers.

    English is not my native language, but stories like yours made me dusted off my old lessons, thanks for that, and please, please, you must give to fictional Tim a very happy ending... in a good sense of that phrase.
    Thank you for sharing this story, you're a really good writer. I know that you (unlike me) have a life, but please, don't stop.