Thursday, June 23, 2011

Tim Lincecum-Buster Posey Gay Fan Fiction Chapter 31

My car got broken into across from that soccer field last night, FYI. As usual, there was nothing in it for them to steal, so the only person who benefitted from this was Jacky Fong at Power Auto Glass, who as I learned today is a friendly and reasonably priced installer of auto glass.


  1. Thank you so much for writing more! I haven't even read this chapter yet, but I can't wait.
    When I first discovered you, I was confused about navigating and finding the chapters, so I read a number of the first 20 or so out of order. Then I found 21 through 28, read those, but the earlier ones were still a jumble in my mind. I have at last gone back, starting at 1 and reading them carefully and in order. You are a masterful writer, and I am more than enthralled - some places I hold my breath while the new page loads and I read it.

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  3. This is a touching chapter. Thanks for writing - I'm enjoying this a lot.

  4. What a great start to chapter 31: Wilson and Tim's banter, Tim thinking of Buster as he falls asleep, and then we hear, "I miss you, you son of a bitch" followed by "Are you free tonight?" My heart was pounding like theirs and I see and feel Tim's brilliant smile. But when Zito notices and ducks into the clubhouse, I gasped, "Oh, no!" Of course, his little dirty trick worked to keep you two apart, but Tim and Buster, you let it happen! Zito lectured you each how hopeless your love was a while back. Didn't that trigger a red flag? Your love is so passionate, deep and consuming, Barry can not know or understand, so stand up for it! When Zito shows up with the brownies out of the blue, you Tim let him stay even after he starts the lecture about Buster again. Why not say, "Look, Barry, I'm in love with him and yes, it's worth it to me. He's coming over in a few minutes and I'd rather you not be here. Can I have one brownie before you go? I'll talk to you tomorrow." Buster, you too are letting Zito come between you and Tim. Why accept what that text said? It wasn't from Tim. You were the one invited, so go in and protect the love of your life. Once you and Tim looked at each other with those loving eyes, Zito would wilt and slink away. I was so knotted and upset reading the next pages that I was sobbing along with Buster, tears dripping into the keyboard. It was all clear from before when Zito dug into Buster about Tim at the pool, and Buster asked, "You got a thing for him?" The silence said it.
    Guys, don't listen to Barry! Your love is worth it. Your love is big enough to all Buster to have and love Kristen, maybe it will allow Zito to have some of Tim's love at some point, but don't let him destroy what you have now. I slept badly after reading this and woke with all this screaming in my head.
    I hope I haven't bored anyone with this diatribe but this chapter got me riled the most of all. Peace be with you, Buster and Tim. I love you both for the magic and joy you have given me.

  5. I discovered your story about a month ago, and read with great interest each of your posts. As I have caught up on all the past posts, each week I anxiously check the site for a new chapter, and escape into this fantasy for just a little bit. I look forward to reading more, and encourage you to continue this beautiful story.

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