Monday, February 14, 2011

Tim Lincecum-Buster Posey Gay Fan Fiction Chapter 22

Happy valentine's day?


  1. Well,is that...uh..."rape"?
    Buster is soooo jealous~ And what he has done
    & said to Timmy is all out of his impenetrable jealousy,right? mmm...Somehow I kinda sympathize with Buster...... (@_@)
    Oh!oh, Timmy is a poor baby as well :P

    P.S.About this sentence-->"He(Bustr) pushes Tim
    roughly onto his stomach."
    --->What's that mean? I can't figure out that words... =o=?

    Finally,THANK YOU DEAR Joel, GOOD JOB!!!!!

    Lucy ;]

  2. Joel,
    Great job with this! I especially like the way you have included details about the everyday grind of the games. And the suspense is fantastic.

    Suggested soundtracks while reading: MGMT's "Electric Feel" and "You Make Me Wanna" (Seal/Usher).

    Keep writing! MMmmmmmmmmm.