Thursday, January 13, 2011

Welcome new visitors

If you are just joining us, may I suggest some of our nonsense greatest hits, in not much of an order:

-The Friar and the Hats
-The Baby Had Fallen
-Read Between the Lines
-Falconers Tavern
-Adjective Nouns
-Contractual Appliance
-Lisa Frank and the Aesthetics of LSD-based Art
-Cubed Farts
-Tears of Joy
-Fingercocks McGee
-Bear Suits
-You Know Better
-Cetacean Espionage
-Cat Paint
-The Lonely Skeleton
-Last Will and Testament
-A Typewriter Rose
-Jarritos on Minidisc
-When in Oaxaca...
-Nagorno-Karabakh Bureau of Tourism

And, obviously, you'll want to read the Buster Posey/Tim Lincecum fanfiction. Start here: Chapter 1
We're currently on page 80, so you've got some catching up to do.

We've got plenty of other nonsense here too, I just grabbed a selection that immediately jumped out at me. I don't remember 3/4 of the things we've "written" so I probably missed "good" stuff. Read it all! Or, you know, don't. Whatever.


  1. I've been wondering how you guys come up with this stuff.

  2. We try to surround ourselves with crazy people saying weird things, that's how.

  3. It's like some weeeeeeird miscellany.