Friday, December 17, 2010

Tim Lincecum-Buster Posey gay fan fiction chapter 16


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  2. Hello,
    Well,I lost sleep like your two charactors after reading T-B chapter 15.
    You know,it's midnight in my country...

    I'm not a native English speaker though,
    I'll try my best to express my feelings.

    1.Posey's kinda "violence proneness"!
    OK,we know Tim did not let Wilson know their secret spontaneously. However,Posey is so mad at Tim!
    He doesn't let Tim explain,and even drag Timmy's hair then yell at our poor little thing...
    I do not like what Buster do to Timmy in that paragraphs.

    2.Timmy starts crying when Wilson comforts him.
    ***Hey,you DO hit my "cry point"!!!
    I can't help but feel sad all night...

    3. Actually I do like Buster~
    It's just that he seems not a nice guy in your article...
    Don't get me wrong,I won’t hate the lovely catcher; but please please treat Timmy right!
    I appreciate~

    *Thank you for your great story!
    Best regards,